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What do we stand for?

Apart from the more general accountancy services we can also assist you with business development and specialist tax services. This ensures we keep you up to date with current tax & business developments and changes so that you can benefit at the earliest opportunity.  Our website is updated frequently with business and tax news along with other useful information.


Clients choose us because our passion shines through everything we do. We are dedicated to finding new ways to generate value for our clients. 


We seek creative and innovative ways to reduce lead time, enhance information transfer processes, reduce costs and strive for operational efficiency.


We enjoy helping Clients to get the best out of what is available and firmly guide them away from taking actions which may lead to unfortunate consequences.


We offer a free first appointment in order, not only to determine the services required but, to frankly discuss whether there is the possibility of establishing a beneficial, positive and active mutual professional / Client relationship.


Finally, absolute Client confidentiality is maintained, without exception, by all and of course Professional Indemnity Insurance is in place to protect all Clients and reassure them. In over 30  years, not a single valid claim has been made against the Firm which must reflect on the quality of the service and, work undertaken for Clients.



Testimonial…...for Clients, some of whose Testimonials are shown below.


“Thank you for your visit, it was really nice to meet you – already you have helped me a lot and it’s great to know my accounts are in good hands”


“I would like to express my sincere thanks, for the excellent and efficient way you have conducted my affairs...thank you for your time, attentions and advice.”


“I much appreciate your professionalism and promptness in dealing with my requirements”


“Thank you for my copy of the tax computation. I am glad that I asked you to prepare the return on my behalf!”


“To all at CRW who help keep our accounts in order. Thank you all very much for your help”


“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to see David and myself at a busy time and for your prompt assistance in communicating with my bank. We have been able to finalise everything with your help. So once again please accept my thanks”


“I wish to thank you very much for the good and efficient way you have dealt with my affairs during the past year”


“Thank you all very much for all your help and hard work during the last 12 months. It was a very difficult time but you made things easier for us”


“Thanking you for all the help you give me in such a pleasant way”


“Thanks for your help with my accounts and dealing with the property as well”


“Many thanks for your continued work keeping our affairs in order” “Many thanks for your support and professional advice”


“Very many thanks for all your excellent work sorting out the latest Taxing Dramas. In particular I enjoyed your broadside that reduced the PAYE fine to zero”


“Just a quick note to thank you for processing everything with HMRC so swiftly and successfully. Completely disregarding the cheque that accompanied your letter this morning, I genuinely can’t speak highly enough of the service that you consistently provide to me as an individual and to the Company”


“Many thanks for your letter and for the cheque in respect of income tax refund. As you can imagine it was a pleasure to receive the cheque and I am glad to have the opportunity to thank you and Hayley for what you do on my behalf”


“Once again I thank you for the prompt efficient manner in which you have dealt with my Tax Return”


“Many thanks for your help during the year”


“Very many thanks for your most efficient help to sort out our tax indiscretion. You made it all seem quite pleasant!”


“Please find enclosed our cheque in payment of your fees. Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf”

Latest News

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  • Updated calculator on calculating holiday entitlement

    04/12/2019 - More...

    The Government has published a revised holiday entitlement calculator, intended as a temporary replacement while the original calculator “undergoes maintenance”, to

  • Shared parental leave entitlements

    03/12/2019 - More...

    The shared parental leave and pay rules offer working parents’ far greater choice as to how they share the care of their child and take time off work during the first year of




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